Margherita to Detroit - The Memorable Journey of a Small Town Boy

Detroit was still smoldering from the 12th Street riot which had ignited seven weeks earlier. Bobbie Gentry’s “Ode to Billie Joe” was crooning about the man who “jumped off the Tallahatchie Bridge”. Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway were glorifying the criminal couple of Bonnie & Clyde.


Vignettes of a Heritage City : Story of the First Photo Framing Shop in Guwahati

It was 1918 and the Great War was nearing its end. Pan Bazaar was then a quiet locality, not a bustling commercial place as it is today. However, it was dotted with shops of all varieties and among them, Sheikh Brother’s, Money Making Pharmacy Hazi Sheikh Shah Alam and Jamatullah’s departmental store were the prominent ones...


A Tribute to the First Assamese Gramophone Record Singer

A promise made to his dying father led to the first Gramophone record songs in Assamese in 1924. The dying father was Assam’s Sangeetacharya Lakshiram Borooah, who set the annotation for Assamese music and left his legacy with the Sangit Sadhana and the Sangit Kosh. The  young  man was...


 Brajanath Sarma and the Female Artists of Kohinoor Opera

It was the summer of 1921 and Brajanath Sarma had just returned to his native village, Sila (Barpeta) after serving as a Military clerk at Baghdad in erstwhile Mesopotamia, during the Great War. During his stay there,


A Memorable Duet Song

In the first few decades of the twentieth century hundreds of young educated Assamese men came out from the villages to the towns. They were employed as teachers, Hakims, clerks et al. It was a life of comfort in the newly emerging...


My Encounter With C.S. Gunning

From the time of David Scott and Captain Francis Jenkins when the province of Assam first came under British rule, down to the time of Gurdon and Hailey, of whom the latter was the last English officer to leave after India gained her independence...


Memories of Bhupen Da

Bhupen da, as we all knew him, was a regular visitor to my grandparents’ house in Ketekibari, Tezpur. Since his career started there, he did harbor a soft corner for the place and its people...


B.R. Kalita & Co.

Standing in the midst of the eternally beautiful town of Tezpur, at Chowk Bazaar, Main Road this entrepreneurial venture is presently in its centenary year. Established around the year 1916 in the small town of Tezpur by a young budding entrepreneur... 


The Days of the Burmese

The phrase Manor Din or the days of the Burmese, is reminiscent of the atrocities committed by them upon the unfortunate inhabitants of Assam during the years 1819 to 1824. The stories of these people have been left untold and have quite often been overlooked in the dominant historical narratives...


The Curse of Kamakhya

A popular legend associated with the Kamakhya cult involves the Koch King Naranarayan who rebuilt the Kamakhya Temple after its destruction by Kalapahad (the general of Mughal governor Sultan Sulaiman Karrani of Bengal). Ironically, the descendants of this king who rebuilt the temple...


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