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  • Came across the page accidentally and I hooked to it for a long time. Very good initiative and much needed. All the best wishes.

         Dr. Subhra Devi


  • This will undoubtedly go down as one of the best efforts by Assamese in a long time to preserve the past. Thrilled to discover this amazing project. Keep it up!!   

         Mrinmoy Das

  • I have had a wonderful experience by going through all these photos. It  reminds me of my late 70s in Guwahati

       Alexander Eapen (Kerala)


  • What an excellent endeavour by our youth of Assam to preserve the history which unfortunately till now has failed to touch the current generation. An essential attempt by you. Kudos, and may it bring you joy and a sense of achievement in reviving Assamese culture and history. 

         H. Rashi


  • Very interesting to see the old photographs of Assam. You have done a great   work!"

         Thorben Schlittes (Denmark)


  • In the labirynth of so many types of photography, this, I mean Vintage Photographs stands apart with its inherent striking features."

         Nurul Huda

  • "Excellent collection, really inspiring work."



  • Wonderful effort. Our kids really got an idea of Ancient Assam. Thanks for giving us this opportunity to appreciate it."

         Soonit Pragya Sarma


  • Speechless!!Indeed a great step for our next generation. Any assistance in future. Please remember my name.



  • This is a very unique way to experience history with old photographs being digitized. It will definitely help in preservation. I really loved it and appreciate the effort put by the team. Keep it up!

        Himangka Kaushik


  • Very innovative and unique way to teach the youth of Assam about their history. Something that is in high need at this hour. Great job!"



  • Its happiness and excitement that flowed through my mind when I took a journey of the page. A very noble effort by the team. And I am sure about their success.

          Sapon Pathak 


  • One of the most honest and technical introspection towards History, historicity and the retelling of the making of Assam! Brilliant initiative, diligently executed by the maker!

        Shambhavi Pandey 


  • Amazing work. Would like to know about the food culture of Assam too. How it has changed over times. The traditional food wisdom, how it started and where it is presently

        Munmun Ganeriwal 


  • Anything old collection is very tedious n you are doing that job.Its really a magnificent work.Hats off to you n your staff.Hope you will try to give us the history of Assam from every nook n corner so that it would b elaborate .Wish you all the best.

         Bijoya Bora 


  • An amazing creation! Highly informative to all age groups, especially the new generation. So happy to read something about Assam and know online, Recently I did a small presentation about India and Assam in my son's school, I think websites like this will be of immense help for Assamese people outside Assam in such cases and won't face difficulties finding Assam's history and culture! historic step indeed, Congratulations and a big thanks to the entire group!



  • Nice work...... It will be helpful to all to know the history of Assam and its culture. Highly obliged with the work. I would like to thank the entire team of Vintage Assam for their hard work and dedication for making a such beautiful creation. Hoping for more in future.

         Rajib Kalita 


  • Amazing staff.... Hope to explore many more in coming days... Congrats to the whole team.

        Devasish Bhagawati 


  • It's undoubtedly a magnificent work on preservation of our culture and history. I wish to congratulate Sri Sharma and the team at Vintage Assam! Also shall look forward to more collections from the past to enrich this rare bouquet. Thank you!

        Arman Hazorika 


  • Administrators you have dome a awesome job indeed ...Very happy to see the collections .. Hats-off!

        Anshuman Bezbaruah 


  • Loved it. Truly could not skip anything , read most of the stories/letters. Always a proud Assamese therefore I thank the administrators for their tireless efforts. I will try if can contribute to this wonderful online museum. 

         Diganta Das, Tezpur University