Over the years letters have changed or added to our way of looking at aspects of the human society. Although, only literate people exchanged letters, both personal and official letters were important to a wide variety of people. While official letters have been appreciated as valuable historical sources, personal texts also sometimes report unusual events like the coming of a war, life during an emergency, aftermath of a natural calamity e.t.c. This section contains a variety of such letters including correspondences between some eminent personalities. Their correspondences serve as a mirror into their real personalities, show their innermost thoughts and also act as windows into their association with important events of Assam. 

His Legendary Wit : Lakshminath Bezbaroa's Letter To Rai Bahadur K.K. Barooah

Shared Pain : Mahatma Gandhi's Letter To Mohammed Tayyebulla

Farewell, Old Friend : P.R.T. Gurdon's Letter To Suryya Kumar Bhuyan

The Great Earthquake : Mrs. May Sweet To Her Sister Mrs. Godfrey

In Fear Of Dishonour : P.R.T. Gurdon's Letter To Hemchandra Goswami

Address Presented By The Public of Jorhat To The Chief Commisioner Of Assam

Peasants Vs Landlords - Rupram Sut's Letter to Ajit Kumar Sharma

Perception Of The Naga Crisis - Indira Gandhi's Letter To Amit Nag

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