Two Hundred Year Old Bortaal


Place – Atila Gaon, Jorhat


Courtesy -  Joyprakash Baruah


Bortaal dating to more than two hundred years. It belongs to the Khotiya Baruah family of Jorhat which originally hailed from Teok. The descendants of the family now live in Atila Gaon. This Bortaal made of brass weighs more than 3 kilograms. 


The Bortaal is a type of taal or clash cymbal made of bell metals (brass in this case). It is the biggest and heaviest among the various types of cymbals (like Majutaal, Khutitaal and Ramtaal) usually weighing around 1½-2 kg. A chord which passes through a hole in the center connects both the cymbals. The Bortaal is considered to be an important symbol of Assamese culture and is known to create a pure and sacred ambience through its rhythmic high-pitched sound.