Relics & Heirlooms

This section contains photographs and stories of relics and family heirlooms that stand as a witness to the days of yore. There is an enduring appeal of owning and preserving a thing of the past. Our focus is to highlight their historical and cultural association and their function as historical objects.  

Empress of India Medal, AGFA Camera in India

Agfa Camera, Pocket Watch And A Silver Medal

Jyoti Prasad Agarwala, Poki, Old Piano

Pump Organ Belonging To Jyotiprasad Agarwala

World War II Era Bedford Truck

A 19th Century Lamp

British India Driving Licence

19th Century Palanquin

Treasure Chest of The Agarwalas Of Tezpur

Sugarcane Crusher

Spinning Wheel

Two Hundred Year Old Bortaal

A Wooden Offering tray

old mekhela chador

Hundred Year Old mekhela Chador

A Century Old Rocking Chair

Bishnu Rabha, Jyoti Bharati

Personal Belongings Of Cultural Icon Bishnu Prasad Rabha

Deathbed Of Jyotiprasad Agarwala

Maniram Dewan

Double Barrel Gun Used By Maniram Dewan

Ship's Bell

Battle of Kohima

Machine Gun - World War II

Folding Paratrooper Bicycle

Old Gramophone Assam

Gramophone - Early 20th Century

1948 Ford Prefect

Box Camera

Wooden Box Camera

Antique Candlestick Telephone

1939 Norton 500cc 

1930s Glass Painting