Benudhar Sharma, Assam in The Freedom Struggle


Audio recordings of a speech delivered by noted antiquarian, literateur, journalist and folklorist, Late Benudhar Sharma (1894-1981) during the birth centennary celebrations of Kormobir Nabin Chandra Bordoloi in the year 1975. Sharma speaks about the role of the renowned freedom fighter and how the nationalist ideals of Gandhi made inroads into the villages of Assam. He also shares his own experiences as a Congress volunteer during the non-cooperation movement, talks about the proselytising by INC workers in Axamiyā villages, the anti-opium movement and the antagonising sentiments harboured by the villagers towards them in the initial stages. 

Part 1

Benudhar Sharma Speech - Part 1 -
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Part 2

Benudhar Sharma Speech - Part 2 -
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